An Organic Pick Your Own Apple Farm! See you in September 2020!


Thanks For Visiting!

Our family has been farming in the Hudson Valley for seven generations. We are committed to providing the best quality experience for our customers – but also operating a farm that is healthy for our workers, visitors, neighbors, and the environment.

Growing apples is our passion. Being a certified organic farm confirms our commitment to provide the highest quality product possible. We are proud to be part of the food and farming renaissance that is sweeping the Hudson Valley and reorienting us to the importance of locally grown food. The health of our communities and environment depend on responsible farming and sourcing. We are proud to be part of the future of farming in the Hudson Valley.

Visitors to the farm can pick their own apples and also buy other local foods at our farm market. Come visit the farm to learn how and why we farm the way we do.

Owner Bradley Clarke came back to the farm after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1998. He has joined his father and grandfather in the production of the tree fruits, each season learning more about the intricacies of growing. He now independently manages Clarke’s Family Farm. He is proud to continue the family business and to welcome visitors from across the globe!